Sunday, 30 September 2012

Year 2 Tweet On Our Class Twitter!!!

In our classroom we have a year 2 twitter board. We use it to help us assess our learning and think of next steps as to where we want to take our learning next!

Each child has their own twitter number they can 'tweet' onto using post it notes. At some point throughout the lesson each child can help themselves to a post it and write down something they have learnt. As part of our plenary we chose a 'tweet' we read as a class and think about how we can move this learning on in the next lesson! The children are really enjoying 'tweeting' and it is a useful tool for self and peer assessment as well!

Look out for information on our class twitter page, coming in the next few days!

Big Write Star Of The Week

Leah did a fantastic piece of writing with a wonderful range of descriptive vocab, punctuation, openers and connectives. Also her handwriting was beautifully neat. Well done Leah!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Talk homework!

Here is your talk homework: to discuss this picture:

Who made it? What is at the other end? Where does it lead to? Who are the other two people? When was it made?

Use you VCOP skills to think of fantastic vocabulary, openers and connectives you can use in your writing!

(The image was taken from the website where there are lots of interesting and engaging images and videos)

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Our First Learning Logs of the Year!!

Year 2 I am so proud of every single learning log from this time! They have cheered me up marking them they are all so fantastic! You should be very proud of your commitment and effort!! Here they are......


Monday, 24 September 2012

The Fun and Fantastic Fire of London Website!

Here is the fire of London website with the game we were playing today! This is the one Poppys mum found earlier in the year!!

Click here---> Fire of London Game
Have fun!!!!
Who is this? Can you remember what he kept during the great fire?

Friday, 21 September 2012

Our Milkshake Reward Party!!

As our class reward in year 2, the children decided at the start of the year they would like a milkshake party. Everytime we have a fantastic session, good behaviour, super attitude and wonderful learning, we get a straw in our milkshake party display.

So on Wednesday we filled up our last straw, and this afternoon we had our first milkshake party of the year!! Strawberry or chocolate? Lots of fun and smiling faces!!! Here's to many more year 2!!

Making up the milkshakes!


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Our magic key!!!

This week we have been writing stories using our magic keys. We have to use our key to imagine where it takes us to, and then describe the setting using all our fantastic wow words, connectives and openers to really draw in the reader.

Here is my secret garden, can you remember the story we wrote together? Can you make up your own to describe what is through the gate?

We have also been describing the school and going on description walks with Miss Coomber to describe the different rooms and areas. Here we are hard at work....