Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Fantastic Fire of London Art!

Over the next two weeks we are having a go at a range of artwork to express our ideas about the fire of London...this week we are using paints to make portraits of the scene, and pastels to blend and achieve a 'fire' effect and adding a silhouette of London with black sugar paper. Next we will be trying textiles, batik and marbling. Here we are in action...look out for photo's of the finished pieces!

Super detail, fantastic wooden timbres!

Great fire effect!

Could almost be real!

Using pastels and sugar paper to create the scene...

Miss Coomber is a fab artist too!!!

Super blending technique!

Just a little at a time....

Complete the Fire of London sketch!

Look at all that concentration...

Carefully sketches....

What colour do I need for the effect?

Super sketchers.....

Fire is coming along nicely!

Hmmmmm what else can I add?

Year 2 is definitely brimming with budding artists!!!

Super painters!

And sketchers!

Look at this for a fab sketch!

Choosing the correct colours carefully.....

Coming along nicely!!



  1. Dear Miss Moris and year 2s,

    We love your pantings they look arsome.

    What tipe of pant did you use?

    We wolud like to hear back from you.

    from Anna and Zoe

  2. Luella 1L Our LadysTuesday, 18 September, 2012

    Dear Miss Morris and year two

    I love your pitches of your art werk that you made. I rely rely love your art werk. I think it is fabulous.

    Did you enjoy making the art?

    I would love to hear back from you.

    luella our ladys.

  3. I love my great fire of london art work.

  4. I rily in joy pinting and lerning abawt grit firy of london. from olivia