Monday, 18 February 2013

Drama Inspired by Maia Walczak 'The Black Hat'

Last week in literacy we were comparing other text by 'Maia Walczak' to the 'Silent Blue Book' we looked at the week before. One of the text we were examining was 'The Black Hat' and we enjoyed making our own pieces of drama up to represent how we would react if we found a magical black hat in the woods.

We all really enjoyed making up our own mini performances and we decided we wanted to take part in more drama across the curriculum! Here we are engaged in the moment...

You can enjoy the story by clicking on the picture below..

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  1. What a cool video. I havent heard of these books so checked out the site and its AMAZING ive never seen a blog like it. So I may be doing this with Room 9. if we do a reenactment you will have to come over and watch our.