Thursday, 28 February 2013

World Maths Day!!

Next Wednesday is World Maths Day!!!!! You have all taken your user names and passwords home so you can access the games to practise by clicking on the logo below!! Get practising ready for the big day and have fun!!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Happy Half Term - Our New Topic!

Hi everyone hope you had a nice half term! Next half term our topic is 'Walt Disney, Fairy Tales and looking at the roles of different characters'. To start our topic we are going to be looking at a slightly alternative fairytale next week, called 'The Clocktower'. This piece of text looks at a beautiful dancer and we will be examining her role in the story, what happens to her, and thinking about how she got there and what might happen next!

I don't want to give too much away as I want you all to share and think of your own ideas but you can have a look at the text now by looking below... See you all tomorrow!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Milkshake Party Reward!

After lots of hard work and super efforts in class, we earned our milkshake reward party and on Friday, celebrated with a pirate film to finish our pirate topic, milkshake hot chocolate and biscuits!! A fantastic hour was had by all and we all filled our boots with the yummy food and drink!!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Oracy Session!

As part of Miss Kitchen's gifted and talented role within school, each class has a box of oracy cards. These are ques questions to promote discussion within the children around subjects that we might not always think about within a normal day to day at school. In year 2 we try and have a specific session using the box on a Friday after maths and this week our session was around the card... 'Mystery Item' Describe an object you are thinking about, give 5 clues. We had lots of fun thinking of all sorts of weird and wonderful items. Try it at home with your family!!

Drama Inspired by Maia Walczak 'The Black Hat'

Last week in literacy we were comparing other text by 'Maia Walczak' to the 'Silent Blue Book' we looked at the week before. One of the text we were examining was 'The Black Hat' and we enjoyed making our own pieces of drama up to represent how we would react if we found a magical black hat in the woods.

We all really enjoyed making up our own mini performances and we decided we wanted to take part in more drama across the curriculum! Here we are engaged in the moment...

You can enjoy the story by clicking on the picture below..

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Visual Literacy 'The Silent Red Book' Maia Walczak

Next week in literacy, we are going to be watching 'The Silent Red Book' by Maia Walczaka and comparing it to the text we watched last week, The Silent Blue Book. When you watch it, think about the characters, describe them, where do we think they have come from? What happens when they meet?

What is similar to 'The Silent Blue Book', what links can you make? How does the story make you feel as you watch it? Can you add what you think the characters might be saying and thinking?

Times Table Games

This week your learning log is to learn your 2's, 5's and 10 times tables off by heart. We have been practising lots in class and here are some games to help you...

Play 'Hit The Button' HERE you can either gues the answer or the question.... (Great for extra challenge)

Play 'Fishy Times Tables' or 'Baseball Times Tables' HERE

Play 'Camel Times Tables' HERE

Play 'Cloud Times Tables' HERE you get a nice firework display at the end!!

Play 'Spitfire Times Tables' HERE

Have fun and keep practising!!!

Attendance Treat...Classopoly... Get Out Of Jail Free!!

Last week I was so very proud of you all our attendance was 100%!!!!!! We rolled in classopoly assembly and landed on 'Get out of jail free'. Hmmmmm what did that mean?? We all got a great surprise when Miss Stephens marched us out of assembly and into the green room, to 'do it Gangnam Style'!! Lots of fun and dancing for us all!!!

Big Write Star 7th Feb 2013

Zofia developed her story with a clear beginning middle and end. She used all the correct punctuation and even included an ellipse!! Her writing was lively and exciting for the reader to enjoy. Keep it up Zofia!!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Visual Literacy: Silent Blue Book

This week in literacy we have been using our inference skills to pick apart a visual text called 'The Silent Blue Book' by Maia Walczak. There was no talking on the text, just music and we were working together to decide what we thought the story was about, what the author was trying to portray and how we felt about the text. Some of us found it so emotional it brought a few tears!! Here we are sharing ideas, listening to each other and writing our views.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Safer Internet Day!

Tomorrow is 'Safer Internet Day', and in school we are having 'Safe Internet Week'

There are some websites we will be looking at in class and you can take a look at home too
Click HERE for CBBC Stay Safe section and explore the 'top picks' at the bottom of the page...
Click HERE to explore the 'Safety Land'
Look at 'Sid's Online Safety Guide' HERE
Learn about being a 'Smart Surfer' HERE
Don't forget you can click on the 'CEOP' logo at the top right hand side of the blog if you have any concerns or worries about anything on the internet, and always talk to an adult.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Visual Literacy 'The Silent Blue Book'

Next week in literacy, we are going to be extending our pirate topic further and reading 'The Spell Shell'  by Roderick Hunt and then developing our interpreting skills by looking at 'The Silent Blue Book' by Maia Walczak. It is a piece of text with no words and we are going to be deciding what we think is happening to the character, her feelings, where she goes and why and what is the relevance of the fox.

You can watch it here....

This video is taken from feel free to look at the authors other texts.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Big Write Star 1st February 2013

Teegan made me laugh with her humorous introduction and then she used speech to develop her characters, with speech marks in all the correct places!!! Well done Teegan!!