Monday, 8 October 2012

Poetry!!!!! And the Boneyard Rap!

For the next couple of weeks we are learning about poetry in year 2....  We started learning a fun poem today called 'The BoneYard Rap'

You can listen to it here and practise the words!! ----> Boneyard Rap
Here are some of us in full poetry swing, definitely some budding poets in year 2!!
Adding music to our poems

Matching the instrument to the type of words....

Tapping out the beat.

What action is it here?

All together!!!

Super performance!

All together again!

Making rhyming sentences with the rhyming cards.

Deep in thought!

What shall we have to rhyme with this word?

Using props to inspire out poems....what rhymes with mouse?

Our group poem!

More performing!

Instruments to go with this line...

Another super poem!

Instruments at the ready!

Matching the sound to the type of word.

Actions too!!

Another poem!!!

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