Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Nocturnal animals

See if you can post some interesting facts about nocturnal animals for everyone to see!

My favourite nocturnal animal is a fox. What's yours?

Miss Oxley

Here is a game for you to try


  1. hi this is me amber and keira we are in the ict xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I have played on the game from Hannah

  3. I like learning about Nocturnal Animals. My favourite is a Hedgehog. I wrote about Hedgehogs in my learning log. Did you know that Hedgehogs are Insectivores?

    From Alice

  4. I love foxes but dont want them to eat my chickens.from lillie

  5. I liked playing the game. I played the Moles word games. From alice

  6. Fantastic fact Alice!Look out for more games to play!

    Enjoy your holidays Year 2!

    Miss Oxley

  7. I like owls, here are some interesting facts;

    An owl can hear a mouse 60 feet away.

    All owl eggs are white.

    An owl has three sets of eyelids.

    Owls cannot move their eyeballs.

    An owl can turn its face upside down.

    An owl can swing its head around and look behind its back.

    Owls live on every continent except Antarctica.

    An owl can open and close its ears

    (Miss Coomber)